Doubled Conversions after a 28 Days redesign project.


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What we did

Website Redesign

Custom Shopify 2.0 Theme

Conversion Rate Optimisation


Katoura is a women’s hygiene brand selling internationally that achieved quick success through TikTok and other social media platforms with the help of its viral content. The brand was put together by the founders including all marketing elements such as the marketing creatives, branding and website.


After their initial success, Katoura identified that to scale predictably and run profitable advertising campaigns, they would have to put more focus on their website conversions. At that stage, the website was quite basic with a messy structure and was missing the professional touch that ultimately builds trust with the users.

Mobile Experience

Most of Katoura customers are mobile users so we made the website fully-responsive to give all of its customers the best buying experience possible.

The Solution

How it started

Katoura was referred to Your Digital Media for completely redesigning their Shopify store. The objectives were to increase the conversion rate and average order value while achieving an aesthetically pleasing look and feel aligned with the brand and the audience they are serving. And for all that to be executed within a month, which is when their biggest restock was taking place.

We accepted the challenge and run through our proven redesign process for Shopify stores by applying our conversion rate optimisation formula to achieve a stunning result that works!

Conversion rate optimisation

As part of our redesign, we introduced several elements that contributed to doubling the conversion rate for Katoura.

Answering the hottest questions – the products are unique and out of the ordinary. Therefore answering the right questions in the right place was of utmost importance for our redesign. We incorporated FAQ accordions and in-page linking to guide the user to the answers they are looking for

Call to actions everywhere – while answering the hottest questions and introducing the products to the users, by incorporating a sticky ATC bar, users are able to add their favourite Katoura products to their cart at any time!

Bundles, bundles and more bundles – What’s better than the feeling of getting a good deal? Katoura users love to stock up on their favourite products, so we made it easier by offering the perfect bundles to complete their self-care ritual. And of course, a bundle discount and free shipping to complete the deal.

Quick shop – modern mobile users hate clicking, loading, scrolling. We made adding to cart a breeze with quick view and quick add to cart even if the product has variants.

Shopify Plus: Katoura x Your Digital Media

To support their rapid growth and popular restocks, we introduced Katoura to Shopify Plus, opening a new world of opportunities. From checkout customisation to international expansion, the future is looking bright for Katoura while we continue to push the boundaries together!

Important Links: katoura.com

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