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Website Redesign

Custom Shopify 2.0 Theme Development


Chris Corsini stands as a beacon for those seeking self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. Through astrology, tarot insights, and energetic shifts, Chris offers a holistic approach to well-being. The website was envisioned as a one-stop platform, catering to diverse needs - from astrology workshops and exclusive memberships to curated product sales and studio bookings, all while championing the brand's ethos of inclusivity and diversity.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design and develop a website that could seamlessly integrate these diverse elements while providing a cohesive user experience. The platform needed to not only showcase each service and product effectively but also reflect the brand's core values of inclusivity, diversity, and holistic growth. Additionally, with the brand's expansion and the introduction of new content and offerings, the website had to be scalable and adaptable to future needs.

Mobile Experience

For Chris Corsini's digital platform, mobile optimization was paramount. We crafted a design that ensures users can effortlessly navigate and access content, workshops, and products from any device. With intuitive navigation and clear visuals, the mobile experience is both user-friendly and engaging.

The Solution

The design

The design challenge for Chris Corsini's website was to capture the essence of holistic growth while ensuring a contemporary look and feel. We employed a palette that evokes tranquility and trust, complemented by clear visuals and interactive elements. The design emphasizes Chris's commitment to inclusivity, showcasing workshops, products, and the brand's journey in a cohesive and engaging manner. Every design choice was made to resonate with the brand's target audience, providing them with a visual journey that aligns with their quest for self-discovery.

The development

To translate our design vision into a functional reality, we developed a platform that was both robust and adaptable. Given the diverse range of offerings - from courses and workshops to product sales and studio bookings - we ensured that the website was equipped with the necessary functionalities to handle each aspect seamlessly. The backend was optimized for easy updates, allowing the brand to scale and add new content as needed. Integrations for bookings, e-commerce, and memberships were implemented, ensuring a smooth user journey from discovery to transaction. The end result is a dynamic website that caters to every facet of Chris Corsini's expansive brand.

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